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Monitor is unavailable

The camera is offline

(1)Remove the memory card, power off and restart router and camera (no need to reset), then confirm whether it can be online.

(2)If the problem still exists, delete the added cameras in the APP, reset the camera and re-add.

(3)When the camera is online, Please confirm the APP and camera firmware is the latest version.

Note: If there is a red spot in the Firmware Update, it means the firmware is upgradable.

The image is always loading when monitoring

(1)Confirm the camera firmware of APP is the latest version.

How to confirm firmware version: open the app—click “settings”—slide to the App bottom and click “Firmware update” and confirm whether it is the latest version.

(2)Remove the memory card, power off and restart the camera (No need to reset), and confirm whether the video display can be loaded.

(3)If the problem still exists, reset the camera and re-add.

(4)Use the WIFI to connect the camera and bring the camera close to the router or change to Wired connection.

(5)If the problem still exists, please contact the seller to return to the factory to repair.

Monitoring is available in WiFi network but failed to work with mobile data.

(1)Confirm the APP and firmware of camera is the latest version

(2)If the problem still exists, please contact customer service in wechat or send email.

Failed to monitor after changing the router or WIFI password.

(1)Delete the added cameras in the APP.

(2)Restart the router, reset the camera and re-add.

(3)If the problem still exists, use the wire to connect the camera or change the network and re-add.